Bioabsorbable interference screw MISBIO®











Misbio screw is used for the fixation of an autologous transplant (osteo-tendinous or tendinous) in the femur and in the tibia for ligament repair in the knee. The thread of the screw allows the fixation in the spongious bone (tibial or femoral) while compressing aigainst the bone wall.

This implant must fulfill his duties during a minimum of 12 weeks, necessary time for the consolidation of the transplant. The total decomposition is progressive and is carried out by hydrolysis over a period of 24 to 36 months.

Its clinical and mechanical features Ses caractéristiques mécaniques et cliniques are contributing to the reconstruction of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament, bone to bone or bone to tendon fixation :

  • distal part shaped as an «ogive» to avoid damage of the surrounding tissues and facilitate the implantation,
  • atraumatic thread preventing transplant laceration,
  • screw head with rounded edges,
  • specific profile to guarantee a better distribution of the strenght during the screwing,
  • 8-spoke star-shaped impression, allowing even distribution of the screwing torque.